Shake the world! In Wuhan, South Africa, the number of patients has increased by 330%


  • Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa, is also part of the Ganteg region
  • Over 580 patients in the region during the week
  • Only 40 percent of the population in the area received at least one dose of the corona vaccine

Cape Town, South Africa:

While the new variant of Corona ‘Omicron’ has caused tension around the world, more shocking information has now come to light. In the region of South Africa, where the “Omicron” variant was first discovered, the number of patients in hospitals has increased by 330 percent. This is something that is shaking the world.

Guantanamo Bay becomes South Africa’s “Wuhan”

Omicron was first discovered in the South African province of Ganteg. Guantanamo Province was later renamed Wuhan in South Africa. According to Guantanamo officials, the number of newly arrived corona patients has reached 580 this week. If you look at the number of patients in two weeks, it turns out that this is an increase of 330%.

The South African capital Johannesburg also belongs to the province of Ganteg. Only 40 percent of the province’s population have received at least one dose of the corona vaccine.

Omicron: The most contagious variant

The Omicron variant of the Corona could be the most contagious of the variants that have come to the fore so far, and the Omicron could outperform the Corona vaccine due to the large number of mutations, experts had previously said. Meanwhile, South African experts say a significant increase in patient numbers has been caused by a viral infection in the form of Omicron. Many of these patients have mild symptoms.

Known as a health professional in Ganteg Province, Dr. According to Unnamed Pillai, the number of covid-19 patients has increased tremendously in the past 10 days. In the province of Ganteg alone, up to 81 percent of the new cases in the country have been discovered, putting the area on high alert.

Mild symptoms are seen in patients with coronary artery disease. These patients experience a mild fever, dry cough, excessive night sweating, and body aches. Many of these patients were treated at home.

Vaccinations are beneficial

DR. According to Unnamed, vaccinated people are better off than non-vaccinated people. The youngest of the 19 covid patients found in South Africa is the youngest. Experts also said that these teens have a lower risk of death due to milder symptoms.

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