Shehnaz Gill first expressed his relationship with Siddharth; Called …

Mumbai: Hindi TV actor Siddharth Shukla has died of a heart attack, fans and family were shocked by his sudden death. The sudden demise of a great actor had caused a stir on all sides. However, the actor’s sudden demise had put a lot of strain on his family. The family mourned his departure. There were conversations that Siddharth broke up with Shehnaz before his death.Shehnaz had not been in the media for two months after Siddharth’s death, but now she has given the media a statement about Siddharth and their relationship.

Shehnaz and Siddharth were introduced at Bigg Boss’ house. There was a nice chemistry in front of his camera: Shehnaz had expressed his feelings about Siddharth for a long time in front of the camera, but the two actors never gave official confirmation of this relationship. Two months away from the media since Shehnaz Siddhartha passed away. But her film ‘Hausla Rakh’ is coming soon, and she is currently promoting her film ‘Hausla Rakh’. While doing this doctorate, she recently gave an interview in which Shehnaz responded to the discussion about breaking up with Siddharth. That can never happen, says Shehnaz.

Shehnaz was deeply saddened by Siddharth’s sudden death. So she’s been away from work for the past two months. Shehnaz is said to have been devastated by Siddharth’s death and paid tribute to Siddharth with a video. This video shows a very nice photo of them by Bigg Boss. In this photo they look very close together. Due to Siddharth’s sudden death, Siddharth’s family and Shehnaz got into a very difficult situation, which is why Shehnaz had been away from the media for the last two months.

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