Sneha Wagh from Bigg Boss, the internet users are happy; Called …


  • Sneha’s trip to Bigg Boss’s house is over
  • Netkari is happy about Sneha’s departure
  • Sneha Avishkar and Jay were the talk of the town on social media

Mumbai– The audience of ‘Bigg Boss Marathi 3’ was eagerly waiting for this week’s Chawdi. There has been a lot of rioting in the house that week. The audience was excited to see what Manjrekar was saying and who was listening. At the same time, the audience was excited to see who would be leaving the house this week. After all, actress Sneha Wagh was out this week. Sneha’s trip to Bigg Boss’s house ends today. Netizens express their joy at the elimination of Sneha.

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Sonali Patil, Utkarsh Shinde, Meera Jagannath, Gayatri Datar, Santosh Chaudhary and Sneha Wagh were able to leave the house last week. Manjrekar said Saturday that Sonali was safe as she received the most votes. At the same time, Gayatri was safe. The other four were in the danger zone. The journey of love in it is over today. Sneha has been in the news on social media since she got home. Her ex-husband, Avishkar Darvekar, was also at Bigg Boss’ house along with Sneha. Hence, the audience was excited to see this separated couple under one roof. In it, Sneha and Avishkar also made many revelations about their past life.

Since then, the growing closeness of Sneha and Jay has been on everyone’s lips. Sneha and Jay were also trolled for their behavior. But now Sneha has said goodbye to Bigg Boss’s house. Sneha’s departure is celebrated on social media. Netizens are happy about the departure of a member of Team A.

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