… so the audience angry about the second season of Devmanus

Mumbai: The audience is excited to see the developments in the series, which began on the small screen. In the second mountain, the doctor wears this disguise on the nut. By nature, this doctor has now started looking for new tools. Natwar has her eye on the wife of the contractor who has come to the village. But since the same thing happens again, viewers have expressed their displeasure that there is nothing new on the series. The first season of the Devmanus series broke many TRP records. Will there be anything else on the show after season one? The audience was curious about that. But the audience seems overwhelmed. Such reactions break out on social media as

well. The acting characters of the series are more dramatic than in the first season. Although the new characters are good at acting, the audience feels that the story is not moving forward. The series’ memes have also gone viral on social media. The second part is ridiculed by the audience. After the success of the first episode of the series, the second episode has now reached the audience. The main face of the series is Dr. Ajit Kumar Dev can now be seen in the role of a Rajasthani actor. But is that it? That question fell on the audience and they got the answer. The audience saw that this is the godman on Nat. But now the audience is wondering what will be different in the future?

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