Sonali annoys the set, instructs the director … Director’s mail under discussion

Mumbai: The movie ‘Pandu’ is appreciated. He grossed at the box office while directing the film. To celebrate this success, director Viju Mane posts a post on social media every day in which he thanks everyone. He recently wrote a special mail for Sonali Kulkarni. In this post he praised Sonali Kulkarni. While talking about Pandu’s casting, Ashwin Patil suddenly mentioned her name. I was skeptical of her name. I don’t like the flirtations of actresses who have reached the star position. There is more talk of his personal life than his role in the film. Out of all the possibilities she was finally

cast, the film was shot and this Porgi became our Zakkas friend, ”he wrote in the post. In this post, Viju says that because of this movie, the misunderstanding about Sonali has been cleared up. “I heard something bad about Sonali. If the set annoys, instructs the director. You and I had a hard time on set; But from the first scene on the set to the last day there was no point in arguing. Basically, it was very different from what I expected. Not a second late on the set. Fifteen minutes before the second leg, she’s everywhere. While on set, she just talked about her role without further discussion, ”Viju wrote.

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