South Africa defeated Bangladesh and advanced to the semi-finals. Will Australia Eliminate?


  • Four players from Bangladesh were eliminated from South Africa to zero.
  • Kagiso Rabada and Antich North each took three wickets.
  • Bangladesh was excluded from the tournament after losing all four games.

Dubai: The battle for the semi-finalists in Group One of the T20 World Championship is in full swing. South Africa defeated Bangladesh in the decisive game with 6 wickets. South Africa has six points from four games in the group and Australia four points from three games. Bangladesh’s 85-run goal was surpassed by South Africa with 13.3 overs. Bangladesh was excluded from the tournament after losing all four games.

Only three batsmen made two runs for Bangladesh, which lost the throw and won the stroke. Linton Das (24), Shamim Hussain (11) and Mehdi Hasan (27) could not be supported by any other player. Four Bangladeshi players were eliminated for zero. Kagiso Rabada and Antich North, who each took three wickets, shone for South Africa. Tabriz Shamsi took two wickets and Dwayne Pretorius took one.

In response, South Africa reached the goal quickly despite early hits. At one point, South Africa was 33 for three in 5.5 overs. The team was saved by Themba Bauma and Russie Vander Dawson. The duo put down 47 runs for victory. Tuskin Ahmed took two wickets for Bangladesh. If they win the remaining games, South Africa has a half-chance.

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