Still the feeling on board; The ‘Godavari’ team is appreciated

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India has officially selected the Tamil film ‘Kuzhangal’ for the upcoming 94th Academy Awards. The film is made by Vinotaraj PS Hat. The film is based on the story of a man. He beats his wife after drinking alcohol. So his wife leaves the house in a daze, and then the man takes his little boy and goes to find her.

Although this film went for the Oscars, Nikhil Mahajan’s film “Godavari” is equally appreciated in the Marathi cinema world. The film ‘Godavari’ was also in the running for the Oscar this year.

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Director Nikhil says, “The exams discussed the names of other students with special abilities in addition to the photo of the first student in the country and state. When it appears in the newspaper, his parents and friends like to read it because he has studied it too. The most important thing is that everyone in the department, in the alley, in the society in which the student lives is happy because they are helping him to study. Everyone celebrates together and the studies continue. I and my entire team feel that today. This year we reached the Oscar race. There was no escape, but there was a touch. That gave us energy. Let’s work harder. Best regards to the ‘Kuzhangal’ film too. ‘The’ Godavari ‘team that made it to the Oscar race is very much appreciated.

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