Suhana shared special mail on Aryan Khan’s birthday, old photo goes viral


  • Today is Aryan Khan’s 24th birthday
  • Cousins ​​along with Suhana Khan congratulated Aryan on social media
  • Suhana shared a childhood photo

Mumbai: Today is the 24th birthday of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan. A few days ago there was a great storm in the lives of Aryan and his family. As a result, his life was in turmoil. But the storm is slowly subsiding. So Aryan is now starting his new life. So this birthday is special for Aryan. On the occasion of Aryan’s birthday, his sister Suhana and cousin Alia Chiba posted on social media wishing him a happy birthday.

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A post shared by Suhana Khan (han suhanakhan2)

Old photo shared by Suhana

Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan is currently living in New York for her education. But she’s always active on social media. Shared an old photo for your beloved brother’s birthday. This photo shows Aryan, Suhana and their cousin Alia Chiba. This photo shows the childhood of Aryan, Suhana and Alia. Currently, this photo has gone viral on social media.

In this photo Chimurdi Suhana and Alia are sitting on a small cart. Aryan Khan stands with his brother Arjun Chiba. The four are small in this photo. Fans are very happy about this photo. Alia and Arjun also shared this photo of Suhana on their social media account. Users comment on this photo.

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A post shared by Suhana Khan (han suhanakhan2)

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was arrested on October 3rd by a rave party on a high profile cruise. Aryan and seven others were detained in connection with the drug case. After 25 days on October 28th, Aryan Khan was given conditional bail and released.

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