Surprise! IPL only in this city this time? Signs that the mega auction may be postponed

BCCI plans to postpone auction for IPL mega auction in light of the ongoing investigation against CVC Capitals, which owns the Ahmedabad team. The Ahmedabad team is about to sign a contract with BCCI for a business relationship with a UK betting company. The mega auction will then be postponed. The mega auction is scheduled for February 12th and 13th. If the contract with the Ahmedabad team is not concluded, the auction will have to be postponed. Another new team of the season, Lucknow, has accelerated the team building process under a contract with the BCCI. Lucknow has already decided on the head coach, coaching staff and sponsors of the team. Also read: The BCCI is considering the IPL tournament, which is due to start in March and April. With 19 cases of covid in the country, the plan is to hold the tournament

in just one location. Mumbai is taken into account by the BCCI. For the IPL, Mumbai’s Wankhede, Barbour Stadium and DY Patil Stadium are all considered. The BCCI also plans to hold the IPL in 10 stages as usual. The project will be abandoned if the covid situation worsens. At the same time, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorganizing the IPL abroad is out of the question. The IPL, abandoned in the middle of India last season, was completed in the United Arab Emirates. The IPL will also take place in the UAE in 2020. Also read: BCCI postpones tournaments including the Ranji Trophy New dates will be announced later. Kovid 19 The board will evaluate the situation and make a decision. Plan A and Plan B will be decided on a case-by-case basis, according to the report. Once the decision on CVC Capitals has been made, the BCCI will make a final decision on the IPL auction and IPL dates.

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