T20 World Cup, India should be afraid of these three Pakistani players, if they shine they will play

Dubai: The India-Pakistan Super Fight in the T20 World Cup is getting closer. The long-awaited game will be played in Dubai on October 24th. When the opposing teams face each other again, there will be a lot of heat inside and outside the field. The performance of some of Pakistan’s players will be crucial if they are to win against India.

Muhammad Rizwan

Mohammad Rizwan is the most dangerous batsman in the Pakistani lineup. A player who can fight alone in the opponent. He has scored 1,065 runs for Pakistan in 32 innings. The highest score is 104. The average is 48.40. Rizwan ranks seventh worldwide. With Rizwan in the lead, Pakistan’s victory will be easy.

Babur Assam

Pakistani captain Babur Assam is another player who could pose a threat to India. Assam is not a player to whom bowlers can easily subdue. He is in second place in the world rankings. The average is 46.89. Assam is a player comparable to Virat Kohli. It has the potential to defeat Pakistan on its own. If Assam shines, Pakistan’s score will top 150.

Shaheen Afridi

Shaheen Afridi is another Pakistani match winner who shakes the batsmen with the ball. What Afridi’s four overs will look like will affect the outcome of the game. He took 32 wickets in 30 T20s. He is over 6 feet tall and can excel against Indian batsmen. The biggest challenge facing the Indian batsmen will be against Afridi.

India at the World Cup

Pakistan has yet to beat India at the World Cup. The Pak team hopes it will be possible this time. The victory over India is also a matter of pride for Pakistan as there is a controversy over the hosting of international matches in Pakistan. Pakistan lost five T20s and seven ODIs to India at the World Cup.

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