Taliban’s claim; India’s willingness to help Afghanistan

Kabul / Moscow: A Taliban delegation has joined Russia in the ongoing talks on Afghanistan. The Taliban have made a sensational claim about India. The Taliban said at the meeting that India was ready to help the Taliban from a humanitarian point of view. India has not yet commented on the Taliban’s claims.

Taliban spokesman Jabiullah Mujahid tweeted that Indian officials at the Moscow-style meeting said the people of Afghanistan urgently needed help. Afghanistan is going through a difficult time right now. India stands ready to help Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds.

Russia warns Taliban

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the Taliban in Moscow format. Taliban officials said terrorism and drug trafficking could increase due to Afghan refugees. Russia has also warned the Taliban against using Afghan territory against their neighbors.

The issue of Afghanistan has been a big topic in Moscow since 2017. Ten countries including China, India, Iran and Pakistan were invited to the meeting. The United States was also invited to the meeting. However, the United States did not attend the meeting.

According to Tolo News in Afghanistan, the Taliban have high expectations for the meeting. The imposition of economic sanctions on Afghanistan has placed the country at risk of economic crisis and famine. The Taliban did not form a comprehensive government as promised. Therefore, the Taliban are not recognized internationally by other countries.

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