Terrence Lewis’ reveal on the reality show said everything is decided …

Suraj Kamble

Many participants come through dance reality shows. You will also get to know different examiners who will guide you properly. Such a tester leads the participants in many reality shows. Dance director Terrence Lewis, known for his command of the Hindi language, precise assessment of the dance and his cottage style, is gaining popularity day by day.

Terrence, who has reviewed a number of events, said of the selection process, “Not only do we choose the best, we give a chance to those who are the best and still want to be the best. The selected candidates have to go through one Go Sieve. This work is being carried out by our research team. This team seeks qualified participants from all over the country. There are fans of Terrence’s dance style and his Hindi speaking is often valued. He guides participants through the details of a dance. About “India’s Best Dancer “he said:” We often have long discussions. There are disputes. As an examiner, such an argument is natural and necessary. Because this is where the best competitors come into play. “

Terrence is concerned about youth turning to social media in the current public. According to him, some people like him on social media and some know him, so he says that in real life he should work hard without following him. He often suggests auditioning for reality shows that go viral on social media. Terence has shown 11 dance reality shows and choreographed more than 25 films and music albums.

Any candidate who goes through a dance reality show will do something later in life. When choosing participants, our main goal is to make their art more open. Everything is decided; Such a reality show is criticized. But that is not true. Our feedback on the participants and their performance is our honest opinion.
– Terrence Lewis

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