That’s not true … the audience is annoyed to see this track on the show

Gauri Ambedkar, SNDT University

Wedding is the hotspot of the series. Currently, the marriage age of the heroine of the series is being discussed. At the beginning of the series, scenes from the heroine’s college and her exams are shown. But after marriage, their higher education, their hobbies, their hobbies go away. The audience wonders why the heroines, who are married and responsibly caring for the world, have a strong role for the family, but are portrayed as weak in education and careers in private life.

Twenty-two year old heroine. The series occasionally shows some scenes about their college life, competitive exams, higher education. But then the heroine’s wedding comes on the trail of attraction and the important topic like education, career falls behind somewhere in the series, the audience says. The heroine of the series is shown the support of her family. Whatever crisis comes; The heroine seems steadfast. But in her personal life there is an audience discussion about why she is wasted or deviating from her original desires. The series reaches houses. Hence, some viewers suggest that this medium can be used to create awareness and interest in girls’ education and higher education. Although it is accepted that it will be shown as part of the series’ story, it is not acceptable for the audience to marry the heroine at a young age or while studying.

The series ‘It’s Still Raining’ revealed that Manaswini married in a hurry during her pregnancy. But before getting married, her exams and studies were mentioned on the series. The audience is excited to see what will happen to their course. In the series ‘Yehu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayala’, her family tried to marry Sweetu from the start. Sweetie’s age has turned out to be low, but her struggle to get married can still be seen from the first part of the series. There is a different way of thinking about distance in the ‘Jeev Mazha Guntala’ series. She will get a higher education by doing many tasks that suddenly came after getting married. With all this, the audience expects that the topic of their education does not fall by the wayside. The family of the 21-year-old heroine Apurva is in a hurry to get married in the series “Thipakyanchi Rangoli”. The motive behind it was good and the story behind the series, but that rush didn’t interest the audience that much.

Although the heroines are seen in a rush in some series, the audience is hoping that they will play a leading role in their education and careers in the upcoming episodes. The series always features strong women fighting for families. But if they take a firm stand on their life, the audience will love it too.

The ideological differences between the heroes and heroines were underlined in the series “Jeev Mazha Guntala”. Even if she got married at an unexpected distance, the powerful role she has taken for herself will be inspiring. Antara will do a higher education. Antara assumes financial responsibility independently while preserving its identity.
– Jitendra Gupta, producer and writer (Jeev Mazha Guntala)

Apurva’s father decided to marry her to bring his spoiled daughter to Vathani. She failed her final year of seniority. Her marriage is arranged to make her aware of the importance of education and the value of perceived comfort. In the next few episodes we will find answers about their marriage and education.
– Girish Vasaikar, Director (Dotted Rangoli)

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