The most expensive fish in the world found in the UK; A fish costs more than one lakh rupees

London: The world’s most expensive fish was found off the British coast. The name of this fish is Atlantic bluefin tuna. The price of this fish in the market is more than 1 lakh rupees. Fishing is banned in the UK as this species is a rare species. Efforts are being made to catch Atlantic bluefin tuna by fishermen in other countries.

The Atlantic bluefin tuna is found in British territorial waters. This limit is 3 to 12 miles from the coast of each country. Ships from other countries are not allowed to enter the area without the permission of the country concerned.

The UK has strict rules on Atlantic bluefin tuna. Anyone who accidentally catches Atlantic bluefin tuna in UK territorial waters must be released immediately. More than one Atlantic bluefin tuna were spotted jumping into the water on October 23, said Peter Nasson, a volunteer at the National Coastwatch Institution in St. Ewe. Hundreds of people along the coast also saw this rare fish.

A large Atlantic bluefin tuna was sighted in Portcarno in early August. This species of tuna is the largest in the world. This fish is known for its speed and strength. For these reasons, the Atlantic bluefin tuna can travel long distances at sea.

Atlantic bluefin tuna can grow up to three meters long. In addition, fish can weigh up to 250 kg. This fish is an endangered species. The fish had not been seen near the Cornish coast for nearly 100 years. Tuna does not pose a threat to humans.

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