The selectors are ready to call Hardick; Another block, new controversy on the Indian team!


  • It is alleged that Dhoni kept Pandya on the team
  • Sandeep Patil says Hardik should have taken a fitness test
  • Ex India captain Deepil Joshi versus Pandya

Dubai: The controversy surrounding Hardik Pandya’s inclusion in India’s T20 World Cup roster has reached a new level. Pandya’s performance against Pakistan was below expectations. The batsman, who did not bowle for months, also faded while hitting. Pandya was unable to play in the IPL due to an injury. The question now is why such a player was accepted into the national team.

It is reported that the selectors were ready to call Pandya back after the IPL. However, on the advice of team advisor MS Dhoni, Pandya was allowed to stay on the team. Dhoni said Pandya’s ability in the finish would help the Indian team. The question arises as to why a player who has to give up because of constant injury should play for the national team before he is fully fit.

Former Indian captain and election officer Sandeep Patil has warned that some will be held accountable for playing Pandya. Sandeep Patil has said that the selectors are responsible when an injured player plays on the Indian team. Hardik had to undergo a fitness test after the IPL. He added that he should only be accepted into the team afterwards.

Dilip Joshi, one of the greatest Indian weirdos of all time, is also questioning Pandya’s place on the national team. Hardik Pandya and Bhuvneshwar Kumar play in the Indian team only because of their previous performances. At the moment they are not outstanding. R Ashwin is still the best weirdo. Dilip Joshi said he should have been added to the team.

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