The three players from the India-Pakistan 2007 final are still missing and will meet again on Sunday

Dubai: With India facing Pakistan at the T20 World Cup, comparisons between the two teams’ players are in full swing. World class players from both teams play on Sunday. When the two face each other again, the 2007 final will be on everyone’s lips. The three players who played in the final that day are still in cricket.

Rohit Sharma

Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma was a prominent player on the team at the time. When India won the first T20 World Cup, Rohit was able to play a few crucial innings. Rohit was a great inexperienced player at the time. In the final, he beat number six. Rohit scored 30 runs in 16 games to give India the best total.

Muhammad Hafeez

Pakistani all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez is another player who is still on the field. Hafeez started the final between India and Pakistan. Hafeez, who reached the grand finale, couldn’t score much. Hafeez came back with a brilliant delivery from RP Singh. He bowled three overs and received 25 runs.

Shoaib Malik

The Pakistani all-rounder Shoaib Malik also played in the final. Malik is Pakistan’s loyal batsman. Malik couldn’t throw a single ball back then. The padding also faded. Malik, who faced 17 balls, returned with 8 runs. This time Malik was not in the Pakistani line-up. However, Malik was admitted after Sohaib Maqsood was injured.

India at the World Cup

India and Pakistan meet in Dubai on Sunday. The Pakistani team around Babur Assam is hoping for the title. Pakistan has yet to beat India at the World Cup. The Pak team hopes it will be possible this time. Pakistan lost five T20s and seven ODIs to India at the World Cup.

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