The watch costs only Rs 1.5 crore; Hardik Pandya with explanation in dispute!


  • Pandya said he did not take the watch out of his hand
  • Ready to pay customs duties
  • The watch costs Rs 1.5 crore, said Pandya

Customs officials confiscated two watches worth crores from the Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya. The luxury watch was confiscated by customs when it returned to Mumbai Airport after the World Cup. There were reports that each watch was worth Rs 5 crore. But Pandya himself has made a statement in the controversy.

He himself went to customs to pay the customs duties for goods bought in Dubai. He’s ready to pay tons of duty. Invoices and other purchased items have been handed over to customs. Pandya tweeted that the customs department only carried out the necessary checks on this.

“The watch is valued at around Rs 1.5 billion, not Rs 5 billion as advertised on social media,” said Pandya. He’s an ordinary law-abiding citizen. There is only respect for government agencies. The Mumbai Customs Service gave him great support. “It will be the other way around,” said Pandya.

The Times of India, citing sources, reports that there is some inconsistency in the serial number of the watch slip issued by Pandya. According to the report, the actor was asked to pay the new bill.

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