The whole island in Dubai belongs to Shah Rukh Khan, a billion dollar place no less than heaven.


  • Shah Rukh Khan is literally “King Khan”
  • In Dubai, Shahrukh Khan owns an entire island
  • On the island is the luxurious villa of Shah Rukh worth crores

Mumbai: Everyone knows why Shah Rukh Khan is called the “King Khan” of Bollywood. But even in real life, he lived like a king. Everyone is curious about Shah Rukh’s Mannat Bungalow. Many today would be curious what the Mannat looks like inside. But let’s tell you that Shah Rukh’s Mannat isn’t the only bungalow worth seeing, but it has many features that will catch your eye.

Its real estate and vehicle park consists of unique luxury cars and bungalows. Not only that, besides Mannat, an entire island in Dubai belongs to Shah Rukh. King Khan has been very regal in his private life. His hobbies are as luxurious as his films. Shah Rukh Khan is the brand ambassador for Dubai Tourism. In return, Shah Rukh Khan received a private island on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai in 2007.

Shah Rukh Khan's bungalow

Shah Rukh’s fans are eager to find out everything to do with him. That is why we are telling you today about his island in Dubai and his homeland. In Dubai, Shah Rukh owns a luxurious house called ‘Jannat’. This home is located in Palm Jumeirah. It is the largest group of man-made islands in the world.

Shah Rukh Khan's bungalow

The value of a villa here is 2.8 million, that is about 18 crores. According to some reports, Shah Rukh’s home is 14,000 square meters. The villa has six bedrooms, two garages, a private swimming pool and a beach. Shah Rukh’s wife Gauri designed the entire interior design of this villa.

This Shah Rukh Khan mansion is said to be as beautiful as heaven. In addition to Jannat, Shah Rukh has a Mannat in Mumbai. Even today it is considered the most expensive property in Shah Rukh’s fortune. The cost of this bungalow is around Rs 200 crore.

Shah Rukh Khan - Gauri Khan

About Shah Rukh Khan’s work, he will soon be featured in Siddharth Anand’s action film “Pathan”. Filming of the film was suspended for a few days because of the arrest of Shah Rukh’s son Aryan Khan in a drug case. Now that Aryan has been released on bail, it is said that Shah Rukh will also start working soon.

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