These are just things to talk about … Gajendra Ahire’s firm opinion of Marathi films

Ahiren is known as “a director who has made more than fifty films in Marathi” and “a director who has a knack for making films quickly”. His works of art have also received numerous awards. From the 2003 film Not Only Mrs. Raut, works of art such as ‘Shevari’ and ‘Anumati’ received a lot of recognition and awards. The director, who deals with a wide range of topics, firmly believes that he must know his audience for every work of art. “The Marathi movie has made a comeback, its harvest time has come,” he said.

Made five filmsWhen asked what he’ll bring to the audience in the New Year, Ahire said, “I was making five films when the lockdown ended. ‘Sajinde’, ‘Vidyapeeth’, ‘Mrs. Umbrella ‘,’ Return Journey ‘and a nameless Hindi movie. Think about how these works of art can be presented to the public. The ninth year is nothing new; But the film work continues uninterrupted. Movie schedules change over the years. We want to keep doing our job. I will be announcing about hindi film soon. I plan to go out this year and do a movie. We want to do European cinema this year like we did in Sweden before.

The audience is different …It is currently unknown what he will do after leaving office. Experts assume that many films will turn to OTT. Ahire said, “While we’re making a movie, we need to talk to the producers about the audience we’re making this movie for. The audience should also know your artwork. Movies on the big screen, however, can appear rich; But the question is, will the audience see what is meant by this work of art? Admittedly, OTT and theater have different target groups. OTT is your personal screen. The result is good content and the story can be told here beyond the glorious experience. When it comes to movie experience and choice, the audience’s IQ needs to be measured. As different as the platform is, as different is the audience. ”

In processing …It is important to be involved in the process of getting Ahire to the cinema audience while doing the storytelling, directing, dialogue, and text writing at the same time. He says, “It doesn’t happen that the topic ends because work on a film is over. While working on the second film, it is important to be involved in the screening and distribution of the previous film. To do this, you need to know how to reach your audience and your artwork. I did this while making 50-55 films. Paperwork, actual work, mental planning is all a process; it is a matter of study. There are comments and jokes on it. When Sweden said this in an interview, the reaction was that these are not funny things. One day even those who smile will understand the meaning. ”

These talking thingsThere are constant discussions about Marathi films, rich content, world-class works of art, the film has just gotten richer. Thinking in that context, Ahire insisted that these were only things to talk about, “not negatives; But after 2003 there is talk of changes in the Marathi films. If you think back to the last 20 years, there have been a lot of new directors. To give an example, many great works of art have been made such as Tingya, Babu Bandbaja, Killa, Khwada, Dashakriya, Court in Marathi. I can name such great works of art and directors who have done something different. What did you do to them Do we wonder where are the directors, actors, technicians who gave these works and won national awards? What did the audience do? After Sarat’s success, did you see the next one, Fandry? Outside, Marathi is respected, there is awe. Seen as a world class filmmaker; But also professionally we have to consider whether we have created an ideal heroine. The face of French cinema changed in the 50s and 60s as a new wave, 90 directors emerged from it. Find out the answers to all of these. ‘

Gulzar gift and delicious cubes …The song “Madhur Ghan Aale” from Ahiren’s film “Neelkanth Master” has been clicked a million times. Ahire explained the genesis of this song: “Work on the bioscope began. We had visited Gulzarji. From there I wanted to go to record this song. I had previously written another song on this chali. Shreya Ghoshal was there in the studio. Ajay-Atul waited. Gulzarji still had a little time to come, so his colleagues started teasing him not to write anything here. At that moment the teenager said, “Let’s write a challenge for you.” I thought of these words and sent them to Ajay-Atul via WhatsApp. They loved it and made this song come true. I also told Gulzarji that there is humor in the air here. Credit for this song goes to Ajay-Atul and Shreya. ‘ …. quote In my opinion, the Marathi cinema has come to a standstill. Where are world-famous, award-winning directors-artist-technicians looking, what happens to them, are we looking for them? –

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