This food combination is like toxic substances for the health of children, always keep away


  • Some food combinations are healthy for kids
  • It is important for children to know about harmful food combinations during this time.
  • Certain food combinations cause nutritional deficiencies in children

New Delhi: Taking special care of the nutrition of children has become an important issue in today’s modern times. Amidst the changing lifestyle in modern society, big changes have also taken place in the food habits. However, we have always heard that what should be fed to babies and what kind of foods together would be beneficial. But have you ever tried to know what kind of food combination should not be given to children?

There are some food combinations that can have harmful effects on the immunity and health of children. like,

cereals and juices
Considering cereals to be healthy, we include cereals in the diet of our children. There will be some homes where children are given juice along with cereals in the morning. Which is completely wrong. Juices from citrus fruits such as oranges or citrus juices slow the activity of certain enzymes needed to break down the carbohydrates in grains. If you give this type of combination to children, they are more likely to become malnourished.


Burger and Fries
Most of the kids like to eat burger and fries together. But this combination can lower your baby’s sugar. Young children have weak immunity and digestive power, so this combination should not be given to children together.


Pizza and Soda
Kids find it very tasty to have cold drinks with pizza. But this combination is harmless. Pizza is high in carbohydrates. It is high in starch and protein, which the body has to work harder to digest. Drinking cold drinks with pizza aggravates this problem and can upset the stomach of children.


banana and milk
Eating banana and milk together is considered good for health, but it is not so. Banana and milk are rich in nutrients but should not be taken with this combination. It becomes very heavy food for the body which leads to laziness. It would be better to give milk and bananas to the children at short intervals.


fruit and yogurt
The toxins produced by this combination can affect the intestines of children under the age of ten. It can cause a cough, sneeze or cold in children as well as some very rare allergies. It is advisable to keep a gap of one hour between the two.


meat and potatoes
Many people add potatoes when cooking meat. Which is not good for stomach. It does not contain fiber. Meat is heavy and eating it with potato affects digestion and causes stomachache, indigestion, gas problem.

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The combination of protein and starch can be too heavy for babies to digest.

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