“This is a terrorist act, strict measures must be taken”; Kangana Ranaut on Veer Das. fired

Mumbai: The comedian Veer Das commented on the situation of women in India from a poem that was featured on his show in America. This has sparked a lot of controversy. A complaint has been lodged with Mumbai Police against Veer Das for making such a statement abroad and insulting India and the women here. Veer Das later apologized for the incident.

Even so, his anger has not subsided. He is criticized on social media. Actress Kangana Ranaut has also criticized it. Kangana published a long post on her Instagram story criticizing Veer Das. He also called for strict action against him, saying his actions were nothing short of terrorism.

Kangana What is written

Kangana shared a long post on her Instagram story. In it she wrote: “When Indian men are labeled as gang rapists, the whole world is encouraged to commit racism and hooliganism against Indians. Churchill, who was on an inspection tour after the devastating drought in Bengal several years ago, said: “No matter how much we help India, it will not be enough. Because Indian citizens are constantly giving birth to children like rabbits. That’s why he’s going to die. ‘ Churchill blamed the fertility of the Indians for the drought in India. Targeting the entire caste in this way is synonymous with terrorism. Strict measures must be taken against Veer Das who committed such a crime.

Kangana Ranaut

What was the case?

Comedian Veer Das has uploaded the video ‘I Come From India’ on his YouTube channel. He presented a poem at an event at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington DC. In it he presented a satirical poem about the dual status of women in India and India. Many felt that the poem he presented offended India and the women here. This led to a lot of criticism of him on social media. In addition, a complaint was filed against him with the Mumbai Police Department.

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