Through the IPL, the BCCI receives a whopping Rs 36,000 crore


  • The BCCI is aiming for Rs 10,000 crore for new teams
  • BCCI offered a broadcast contract for $ 5 million
  • BCCI will announce the two new teams by the end of October

New Delhi: The BCCI, one of the richest sports organizations in the world, is increasing its income day by day. The BCCI raises billions every year through the IPL. BCCI’s income from advertising and broadcasting contracts is not achieved by any other organization.

BCCI expects a large sum of money this year when new teams arrive at the IPL and with a five year broadcast contract. Currently the station is Star Group. BCCI received Rs 16,347 billion from 2018-2022, BCCI expects the new deal to raise around Rs 36,000 billion over five years from next year.

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Two new IPL teams will be added next year. There are 74 games in one season. This led to a doubling of the broadcast contract sum. The BCCI is preparing to write a new story through media rights. The companies will not do without the cost of the broadcasting contract in the event of a sharp increase in advertising income.

According to reports, a US company has previously approached the BCCI about IPL media rights. You pledged five million dollars for five years. However, the BCCI will only award the new contract by means of a tendering process. The BCCI is also aiming for large sums of money through new teams. The BCCI aims for between Rs 7,000 crore and Rs 10,000 crore. The new teams will be announced at the end of the month. A mega auction will also take place this year.

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