Tomato, Onion and Potato prices are skyrocketing with festive shopping!


  • After the blank period and the blow of inflation on the general class
  • Purchase affected due to rising inflation before Diwali
  • Heavy rains also damaged tomatoes, potatoes and onions

New Delhi: There are good signs of weakening of the global cholera epidemic in the country. In the festive season like Diwali, there is enthusiasm among people about shopping, but inflation is also affecting it. Currently, petrol and diesel prices across the country seem to be disrupting the celebrations of Diwali. The prices of vegetables and fruits, cereals and edible oil are also skyrocketing. The cost of one cylinder of LPG has reached around Rs. Now the situation is that those who are suffering financially during the Corona period, should they celebrate Diwali or run their homes against inflation?

The direct effect of inflation can be seen on Diwali shopping. This is because, as soon as the second wave of the corona epidemic weakens, the process of unlocking starts in the country, so that the stalled economy can recover as soon as possible. However, economies globally have been affected by the corona pandemic. Experts say that it will take time for economies around the world to get back on track.

Meanwhile, if we talk about India, inflation in the country is breaking the back of the common class. The days of Diwali are few and petrol, diesel, cooking gas, vegetables, edible oil etc. are becoming expensive in the country. In some cities, the price of tomato has crossed Rs 100 per kg. However, the heavy rains in the last two months are also being blamed for this. Onions and tomatoes have been affected by heavy rains. The stored onion got spoiled due to rain. Due to which its price has increased.

In big cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi, onion prices have reached Rs 50-60 per kg. Now it is being speculated that the prices will come down only after the arrival of the new crop. Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh produce maximum onion in the country. Crop damage is also reported this year due to heavy rains in the south.

Talking about potatoes, the rains in September have caused heavy damage to potatoes in West Bengal, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. This affected the price of potatoes kept in cold storage. This year’s rains have also damaged the kharif crop, leading to a 10-15 per cent increase in rice prices.

Even the price of edible oil has gone up unbearably. Although the government reduced the import tax to bring down the prices, it did not have much effect. Now state governments are also adopting measures like stock limits to check inflation.

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