UK approves Covaxin: Good news for students, tourists … UK approves Covaxin

London: Covid-19 vaccines from India and China have been approved for travel by the UK. This is comforting news for college students and citizens looking to head to the UK. Previously, Indians had to be quarantined because of the non-approval of the Covacin vaccine in the UK. The Chinese Synovac Biotech Limited, the Chinese state-owned Synopharma and the Indian Bharat Biotech International Limited have been added to the vaccine list. The announcement came on Monday through a notice from the UK Department of Transport, Health and Social Affairs.

Now all seven Covid vaccines that have received emergency approval from the World Health Organization (WHO) will be approved by the UK. This includes India’s Covacin vaccine. Kovacin was approved by the World Health Organization in early November. Britain follows Australian policy. Australia increased the number of vaccinations it received with various vaccines last month. The United States has announced that all WHO-approved vaccines will be accepted when its borders open to foreign travelers this month.

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The UK decision will allow thousands of Indian students to move to the UK. Indians vaccinated with the Covacin vaccine will be approved in the UK. UK universities have received record applications from Chinese nationals, according to an October report by the UK University Admission Service Provider Company (UCAS).

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