Top 10 Essential Tips To Choose the Perfect Domain Name

Top 10 Essential Tips To Choose the Perfect Domain Name

Choosing the perfect domain name is the most crucial step before starting a blog/website business. A perfect domain name will smooth your path of success in your blogging carrier. If you choose the wrong domain name then it can be a struggle to switch later without hurting your Web brand and search engine rankings.

Hence, choosing the perfect domain name is very important from day one.

When you’re starting out, it can be tough to decide a catchy brand name ideas with a perfect domain name.

Here in this article, I’ll share with you all the tools and tips you need to get the perfect domain name ideas, choose the perfect domain name and register your domain name free for 1 Year.

Top 10 Essential Tips How To Choose the Perfect Domain Name

Choosing a perfect domain name is probably similar to choosing a brand name of your company. Before starting a blog you need a lot of thoughts and deliberation to choose a perfect domain name for your brand.

To make this process much easier we make 12 step structure for choosing a perfect domain name before you start a blog.

Lets look at all these tips one by one.

1. Easy to Type and spell

Experts always recommended to choose an easy to type domain name.

Try to think about world’s most popular website. What comes first?

Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, CNN etc

The one thing in common of them is they all’re easy to spell and also easy to type as well as.

We don’t need google to search about google we directly go to address bar & visit google.com because it is easy to type & we remember it fully.

So, always try to choose a domain name which is Easy To Type and spell for everyone that people easily remember your domain name.

2. Keep Your Domain Name Short and unique

If your domain name is long and complicated, then you risk clients misspelling or mistyping it.

Short and easy domain names are always user friendly, so always try to keep your domain name short and unique.

As an example, Google is one of the great example of short and unique domain names.

I always recommend people to choose a domain name under 15 words. Longer domains are tough for your visitors to remember.

3. Choose a Brandable Domain Name

We all know branding is essential to long term success. Without a popular brand it’s very tough to convert people. But the main question is what exactly makes a domain name brandable?

Domain name depends on many factors to make it brandable. Some factors are discussed below,

  • A brandable name has no particular meanings (As an Example, “Google” isn’t a dictionary word, as well as Youtube, Yahoo, CNN too)
  • A brandable domain name must be short, easy to memorize, easy to type and unique.
  • Avoid double letter, hyphens, numbers in your domain name.
  • Must be trustworthy.

4. Use Top Level .Com Extension

Domain Name Extensions are titles, such as, .com or .net, at the end of every web address. Choosing a top level domain extension is the most important step before starting your website. These all have separate uses, so make sure before choosing a domain name extension.

The .com domain name extension is the most popular, but it’s tough to get a short and memorable .com domain name due to it’s been around for such a long time. However, if you choose yourname.blog or yourname.photography like untrustworthy extensions then your user can accidentally type yourname.blog.com and they will end up with an error page. Also, .Com domain name is more trustworthy for search engine ranking which helps you to rank on search engine.

We always recommend our readers to choose a top level .com domain name extension. You can also choose .net, .org domain extension but .com is gold standard.

5. Use Keywords in Your Domain Name

Try to use keywords on your domain name which describes your business or services you provide. For example, if you’ve a mobile repairing business, then you can use MobileRepair.com

Including keywords on domain name which people search on search engine could have 22% chances to rank on that keywords.

So, always try to include focus keywords on your domain name which describes your service. It will help you to rank on that specific keyword with minimal SEO and which increase your traffic on website.

6. Avoid Hyphens & Number in Your Domain Name

Hyphens and Numbers are often confusing for your users – people who hear your website url don’t know if you’re using a numeral (4) or it’s spelled out (four) or they mistype or forget the dash.

As an Example, if you’ve a website address Wp4You.com or wp4-you.com then users can mistype with wpfouryou.com or wp-4you.com. So, always avoid hyphens and number in your domain name.

7. Research About Your Domain Name

Before choosing a domain name, you make sure the name you’ve chosen isn’t copyrighted, trademarked, or being used by any other organization. It could result with huge legal problem which could cost you huge amount as well as the domain name.

8. Act fast before someone else pick it

Each and every day thousands of new domain names are registered all over the world. If you found your desired domain name, then don’t wait too long.

Domain Names are like house property. Thousands of people are actively looking for a brandable domain name which they can sell for better rates in future.

If you don’t act fast, then someone will pick up your desired domain name ideas.

However, domain names are relatively cheap so I always recommend my readers to act fast. Otherwise you may end up with not available text. So, always try to act fast on choosing your desired domain name.

9. Use a Domain Name Generator

Currently, more than 380 millions of domain names are registered. Many people says that There almost all good names are taken.

Searching for personal domain names manually is very time consuming so here is a Domain Name Generator tool which can help you to choose your profitable domain name.

You can use NameBoy.com to generate your domain name. NameBoy is the most oldest and also the most popular domain name generator tool. You also can use IsitWp’s Domain Name Generator to find more domain name ideas.

10. Be Careful Before Buying an Expired or Existing Domain Names

Buying an existing or expired domain names is little bit different from new domain names. At first, as long as it’s not new, it means it already has a web history. And you never can be sure what the history is.

  • On the bright side, if your existing domain has a good web history then google knows the domain already and you get the advantage of it.
  • On the other hand, previously if your domain had a bad record (As an example, porn site, gamble, casino, Spam Contents etc) or still referring from spam sites then google recognize your domain as spam, so they can penalize your domain.

Buying a domain is easy but if you’re buying an existing domain then be careful about some factors which are bellow,

    • First of all, search that your domain is penalized by google or not. Do manually check on google and search for: site:YourSite.Com this will tell you that your site is banned by google or not. If you have seen any indexed site with your domain url then your domain is safe.
    • Also find, if google adsense is banned or not. Here is a tool called BannedCheck.com and ismywebsitepenalized.com to find adsense and google banned or not.
    • As well as you must check out domains backlinks too.. Some china backlinks are spammy which decrease your trust score on google. You can use ahref’s backlink checker to find out all the backlinks.
    • Check web history from Wayback Machiene. It’s very important to check web history because if someone cheated with your desired domain previously then you never need to purchase that domain now.

Get Free Domain Name with Wordpress Hosting

Some of Webhosting company offers free domain with their 12/6 months hosting plans.

If you’re starting a new website, then work smartly and try to use those hosting plans where they offers free domain names also.

Bluehost is one of the oldest and most popular web hosting provider which offers free top level .com domain name for 1 year.

Hostgator is another great option to start with. They also offers a free domain name with their web hosting plans. Also keep in mind that the domain name is free for the first year only, you’ve to renew after 1st year at usually around 10-15$/Year.

Most Popular Domain Registrar

If you want to purchase a domain name without purchasing any kind of hosting plan, then you can purchase domain from any domain registrar.

Namecheap.Com is one of best domain registrar on market. They provide all top-level domain names, with a smart search features, premium domains, and all the required tools to manage your domain names.

Namecheap.com is offering 45% discount to all of our yourswriter readers. To purchase domain with 45% discount click here.


I hope this article about how to choose a perfect domain name for your business helps you in choosing your perfect domain name.

If you’re starting a blog then, simply read Ultimate Step By Step Guide on how to start a wordpress blog which will help you in your blogging journey.

You may also check out why people start a blog, How to choose a profitable blog niche, How to start a website without any coding skills.

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