USA: shooting in a mall; Three dead, four injured in the attack

Washington: The shooting occurred on Monday at a mall in the US state of Idaho. Two people were killed in the attack. Four people, including a police officer, were injured. The attacker was injured during the police operation. However, he died on Tuesday while on treatment.

The mall was evacuated after the shooting. The police arrested the shooter. The attacker’s name was Jacob Bergquist (27). The attacker died on Tuesday morning.

Boise police received a call informing them of the shooting in the mall at around 2 a.m. on Monday. The white man who shot has some guns. The police rushed to the site within minutes of receiving the information. The attacker fled the mall and collided with the police. The attacker also opened fire on the road traffic. A 68-year-old woman was injured in a car in the attack.

Roberto Padilla Arguels, 49, died in hospital after being injured in the shooting. So did the 26-year-old Joe Ecker. Joe Acre worked as a security guard at the mall. Her family said she died trying to stop the attacker.

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