Vicky-Katrina’s wedding dispute, drone shooting after “no photo”


  • Vicky-Katrina’s wedding discussion on social media
  • There should be no drones around the wedding tent
  • There are orders to shoot

Mumbai– The wedding of popular Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif and actress Vicky Kaushal has been hotly debated on social media. Vicky and Katrina will tie the knot on December 9th. Netizens look forward to Vicky’s and Katrina’s wedding. But Vicky and Katrina have put together a long list of conditions for their wedding guests. Guests who are aware of the safety of the wedding are prohibited from bringing phones. In addition, drone flying was banned in the wedding tent.

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A letter from officials in the Sawai Madhopur District of Rajasthan confirmed that Vicky and Katrina would be married. However, security is paramount in this marriage. Vicky and Katrina’s wedding banned anyone from taking pictures on the phone. Vicky and Katrina want their wedding to be kept secret enough that international photographers have been hired to photograph their wedding. Nobody is allowed to take wedding photos without them. Not only that, to prevent wedding video leakage when a drone flies at the wedding venue, it has been ordered to be shot down immediately.

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The “No Photo NDA” rule was also signed by the wedding guests. So if a drone went around the tent, it would be ordered to shoot it down. This gives internet users an idea of ​​the level of security for Vicky and Katrina’s wedding.

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