Vicky skills of living in a 10×10 house that is reminiscent of childhood


  • Vicky had an exciting experience on the Bare Grills Show
  • Dare to swim with sharks and crocodiles in the deep sea
  • The program Into the Wild with Bare Grills will be broadcast next Friday

Mumbai: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Superstar Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and now Vicky Kaushal … all of these groups had an exciting experience with bare grills running adventure programs. Bare grills play in dense forests, remote islands and in the deep sea. Vicky Kaushal has now joined Bear Grylls’ Into the Wild with Bare Grylls. After attending the event, Vicky spoke openly about her fears, family, and career. The show will air today, Friday, on the Discovery Plus channel.

During Discovery India’s Into the Wild with Bare Grills program, Vicky entered a small room in a hut while doing an activity. That’s when Vicky remembered her parents’ house. Vicky said, “My parents’ house was a little bigger than this room. In addition, the house did not have a separate kitchen or bathroom. Our whole family lived in the same room. We have gone through many difficult situations while traveling from this little house to what is now the spacious house. In fact, it was this journey that made me stronger as a person. My journey to success began from this ten by ten room. ‘

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At the same event, Bear took Vicky into the deep sea. Once there, he said to Bear: “I’m afraid of the deep sea. So I’ve never been at sea. I haven’t had any experience there. But I hope this event will take away my fear of the deep sea. ”Bear took Vicky to a mangrove spot in the deep sea. It is home to crocodiles, sharks and snakes. At the event, Bayer tried to get Vicky to do what she told him to do.

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Commenting on the filming experience, Vicky said, “It was a wonderful experience for me to go to the show with Bear Grylls. Without that, I would never have been able to overcome the fear of swimming in such an endless sea. This trip is the most incredible and important in my life. This event helped me overcome my fears. It was impossible for me to live in the middle of the sea. But I was able to overcome this fear because Bayer has always inspired me. “

Bear Grylls said of the experience of working with Vicky: “The experience with Vicky was very special for me. There were sharks in the sea water wherever we went. He wanted to swim in the water. This can be very difficult for someone who is not good at swimming. But he did his best. I am very proud to say that Vicky has overcome his fears. “

Meanwhile, Ajay Devgn has also participated in Discovery India’s Into the Wild with bare grills. The TRP of this event was also the highest this week. So far, superstars Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar have also attended the event. Now the show with Vicky Kaushal will air on November 12th at 6am on Discovery.

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Vicky Kaushal and Katrina’s marriage is currently the hot topic of discussion. Vicky and Katrina are silent about it. Meanwhile, Vicky Kaushal’s film Sardar Udham, based on the life of Sardar Udham Singh, has just been released and has received rave reviews. Vicky will also star in the film Sam Bahadur, directed by Meghna Gulzar. The film is based on the life of the first Field Marshal of the Indian Army, Sam Manke Shaw.

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