Video: ‘That’ was put in the governor’s earstone for a strange reason

Tehran: In Iran, a man stabbed a governor in the ear at an event. The reason for this act is also strange. The coronavirus’s wife was vaccinated against the coronavirus by a male doctor. It is said that he did this out of anger.

Abedin Khorram is reported to be the governor of East Azerbaijan Province. Got up a few days ago to deliver the inaugural address at an event. At that moment, an angry man came on the stage and hit the governor who was delivering the speech. The person who planted the ear stone used to work in the armed forces. He is currently a local guide.

Why the ear stone?

The man was upset when a male doctor administered the corona vaccine to his wife. So he hit the governor straight away. After the attack, security forces immediately arrested the attacker and removed him from the platform. The incident caused a stir at the event.

The attack on the governor was captured on camera. The microphone on the podium also rang in my ears. The video of the incident went viral on social media.

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