We made you prime minister, Imran Khan has a home

Islamabad, Pakistan:
The heated debate between Pakistan and India has come to a head. The two leaders exchanged banter during a parliamentary session of ruling Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). This time, Pervez Khattak showed Imran Khan the mirror and said, “Our votes made you Prime Minister.” Not only that, if your behavior continues like this in the future, next time we will not vote for you, minus the threat Khattak made to Prime Minister applied.

Dispute between the Prime Minister and the Secretary of Defense

According to Geo News, a meeting of PTI’s parliamentary group was called to give the party leadership confidence in the back-funding bill. The bill should be introduced in the Pakistani Parliament. Meanwhile, Noor Alam, who is known to be close to Defense Minister Pervez Khattak and Imran Khan, opposed some provisions of the bill.

What was the objection?

These leaders raised serious objections to inflation, the mini-budget and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) bill. Although the province is a gas and electricity producer, gas is banned here. Therefore, the citizens have to face difficulties. “We voted for you as prime minister, but if your behavior remains the same, next time we will not vote for you,” Khattak warned the prime minister.

Imran Khan threatened to leave the meeting

Khattak’s comments also angered Imran Khan. He also threatened to walk out of the meeting midway, sources claimed. If you are not satisfied with my work, I am willing to hand this government over to someone else, Imran Khan said. However, senior party leaders prevented Prime Minister Imran from leaving the meeting. On the subject, Khattak has denied reports that he had an altercation with Prime Minister Imran Khan. He explained that he only spoke about gas issues.

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