‘Went to Urdu to extract Marathi from Hindi pronunciation’

mumbai The veteran Indian singer was recently admitted to the Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai due to a corona infection and pneumonia. Lata Didi was admitted to the intensive care unit as a precaution. They do not currently require invasive ventilator support and have been included in Breach Candy’s D Ward. dr Pratit Samadhani treats them. Meanwhile, an interview given to a news channel is currently going viral. In it he commented on singing, discipline and hard work. The proportion of natural talent in my singing is 75%. The rest is hard work, it comes down to rehearsals, food and drink. But I don’t follow the rules of eating very much. People used to say that eating chilli gives a sore throat, I eat a lot, I eat pickles, I eat yogurt, I don’t hold back from anything. Dad always said never stop doing anything. It is important for a person to keep singing. The throat should keep singing, which is possible with daily riyaz. I’ve done that all my life. Discipline has its own meaning. I stayed away from restraint but always followed discipline. I followed discipline to keep myself from eating or drinking anything.

With hard work comes discipline, which is very important for success. Responsibility also works to drive hard work in some way. I was a teenager without my father. I was responsible for the household because I was the eldest. I had to be good at Hindi to get a job. We are Marathi. When Marathi speak Hindi, their pronunciation also reflects Marathi. I had to approach Urdu to get Marathi out of my Hindi accent. Worked hard to learn Urdu and Hindi. I was assisted in this by Master Ghulam Haider from Pakistan, through whom I was able to become a playback singer. People said my voice is thin, I can’t get a job in a movie. But Ghulam insisted and gave me a chance. Breathing is very important when singing, especially when you’re singing with a microphone. Breath sounds were not considered good in our time. Anil Vishwasji taught me to control my breathing. This story is from 1947. I sang for it. They taught me what line to breathe by. He taught us not to know when to breathe. You have to work hard all the time. Also before starting work and after work. It takes a lot of hard work to get a job, and then it takes just as much effort to get one.

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