What are The Digital Marketing Strategies and How To Get Benefit From Them?

While marketing continues to progress at a dizzying pace, digital marketing strategy is also advancing by leaps and bounds. Because nowadays this type of actions are already part of the planning of many companies. That is why we must have a program of our Internet strategy: what we want to do, what means we have, where we want to reach, who is our customer… Today there are more than 3 billion searches on Google alone!

Companies have found in it a perfect showcase to showcase their products. All this could be perfectly summarized as a digital marketing strategy. But what does it really consist of and how can we benefit from it? Like any strategy, in essence, it is a vital matter and so important as to determine the survival of a company or the success of a business. Therefore, and in order to get a closer look at it, it is essential to pay attention to it, study it and practice it.

This is why we want to stand out and have our company at the top. It is very important to make use of marketing, but without forgetting to make a correct digital marketing strategy. This planning of your online visibility will not only help to define the most convenient social networks for your brand, but it will also serve as a guide to define what actions you will take to achieve your marketing goals. Depending on the size of your company, the digital marketing strategy includes several objectives.

The Digital Marketing Strategy Plan Includes Several Objectives

With the combination of channels and communication formats focused on attraction marketing or inbound marketing, we aim to attract potential customers by providing them with content focused on their needs. This type of strategy pursues medium-term business objectives, and consists of generating and exposing this content in the most effective way possible. These objectives may consist, for example, in increasing traffic to the website through SEO or SEM, or getting leads.

These digital marketing strategy goals go hand in hand with what are known as SMART criteria, concrete objects that allow us to analyze the performance of our efforts. Whether in marketing or in any area of a company that needs to systematically organize and measure its work. These criteria are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

  • (S) Specific: it is necessary to seek concreteness in order to identify what we really want to achieve.
  • (M) Measurable: it is essential that the objectives can be quantified or qualified in some way in order to compare the result.
  • (A) Achievable: taking into account the work of all the components involved in the project, it is necessary to assess whether the objectives are feasible and can be achieved.
  • (R) Realistic: when setting objectives, keep your feet on the ground and do not speculate too much on the objectives, otherwise you will not be able to evaluate the results later.
  • (T) Time-bound: the execution times must be clearly marked in order to be able to control the start and completion of the project.

Types of digital marketing strategy

Twitch, a booming weapon

And that’s where digital marketing strategy comes in. Because, let’s face it: putting together your own digital marketing strategy is a lot to cover. So here we’re going to break down each of those parts: to create better marketing campaigns, it’s always a good idea to look at industry success stories. You may not have the budget of a big brand, but many types of marketing strategy can be easily adapted to companies of all sizes.

This is the case, for example, with tools such as Twitch, which is becoming a major focus for many users and content creators, many of whom have migrated from YouTube. In fact, it is safe to say at this moment that this platform is reaching the fourth position in the list of sites with the most traffic on the Internet. And this despite being based on a seemingly limited theme: live video game streaming. But it’s not just that, far from it.

The secret of this example of digital marketing strategy (in the same position as the social networks Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) is not to try to reach everyone, but to focus on a very specific niche and nurture the relationship with users. Here we also find content more related to music, tutorials on various topics and more creative topics in general. So it can be within your reach.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is something that not all companies take into account. And there is nothing more futuristic than being ahead of our market or being able to perfect our strategies with the help of robots. So, with it, we could attend to a very profitable, beneficial and very interesting digital marketing strategy. Moreover, today, we already see artificial intelligence embodied in many topics and areas.

Also in other more complex ones. Such as bots that help to better track leads on your website. Or for the creation of content, applications and, above all, to create more specific audiences to close more sales. Thus, Artificial Intelligence will have an impact in the area of this type of digital marketing strategy, as it will be able to increase the efficiency of strategies, segment audiences and manage advertising campaigns. It will be one of the most significant data initiatives in the coming years.

Content Marketing

Next, and also as another of the most favorable strategies to boost our business, is content marketing. This, in turn, is based on creating value for users through content in different formats: blog articles, infographics, videos… These will be contents that will serve as a good starting point to raise awareness of the brand and capture leads.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the longest-running marketing strategies, and continues to be one of the most effective year after year. Email is used to establish a direct communication channel with users through which we nurture the relationship with them. Thus, we can use it in the different phases of the customer journey, from the first contact to the final conversion. It is a set of strategies carried out by companies.

This in order to give visibility to your content and offers from the e-mail channel. This is why email marketing can also be a great option for those who collect email addresses and want to increase the relevance of their brand among these contacts. Among its great reasons, three stand out: its great reach, its flexible format and its high financial return. In addition, when sending your campaigns you can consult reports in real time to measure the results.

Another of its qualities is that it has no limits, since you can send your campaigns to as many potential customers as you wish and substantially increase their number without any inconvenience. In this way, and in order to maintain a better planning for our company or business, this as a digital marketing strategy will be much easier to perform successfully and design each action via email for its achievement. You will substantially increase the number of potential customers who will know your business.