What are the elements needed for mountain biking?

If you’ve ever experienced the dread of a broken chain or derailleur while out on the trail, you’re sure there’s not a day that goes by without first checking that you have all the gear you need to go for a ride. However, you need to make a selection of tools to avoid overloading yourself.

1. Cycling backpack

A good cycling backpack is essential to be able to carry all the necessary items with you and not be uncomfortable. And if it can be a hydration backpack, all the better!

2. Spare Camera

Indispensable element to go on the road, especially if it is a long race. Keep it in a plastic zip bag so that the rubber does not dry out and remains in perfect condition.

3. Mini Pump

If you need to change inner tubes, you will need to inflate the new one. In this case you can choose between a pump to inflate by hand or a pump with a CO2 cartridge. Keep in mind that each CO2 cartridge can only be used once. So we advise you to carry a minimum of 2 cartridges in case you have mounted the tire or inner tube incorrectly.

4. Set of brake pads

In case of a lot of mud, you may need them, since the brakes will suffer more wear. In any case, it is advisable to take them with you in case your brakes are worn out.

5. Set of Tire Levers

These simple pieces will help you to remove the tire from the rim and then replace it.

6. Puncture Repair Kit

In case you don’t have an extra tube or tube tire, it is always useful to have some patches to temporarily repair the tire.

7. Bicycle MultiTool With Chain Tool

You can’t leave this item behind, since in a small space you have a variety of tools that will help you make any basic adjustment to your MTB. You also have the possibility of choosing it with a chain tool, ideal for attaching the chain once it has broken. Keep in mind that when you use the chain sprocket, you should not use gears that tighten the chain, since the length of the chain will be shorter if it has broken.

Also, if you have the opportunity to choose a multi-tool, we recommend that you get an aluminum one so that it does not weigh you down.

8. Cables and wires

They can be that complement you need to make any repair.

9. First Aid Kit

There is always the possibility of falling, so you better not forget the first aid kit. It doesn’t need to be very complex, just a bandage, a couple of gauze pads, adhesive tape and iodine to disinfect any wound.

10. Energy bars and gels

It is always advisable to carry a couple of energy bars or gels in case you lack energy, especially if it is a long MTB route.