What happened in 18 minutes? When Aryan saw Shah Rukh Khan, he burst into tears and read the whole sequence of events


  • When Aryan saw his father, he burst into tears
  • Aryan-Shahrukh interact through the intercom
  • Aryan and Shah Rukh were treated as usual in prison

Mumbai: After waiting 17 days, actor Shah Rukh Khan met his beloved son Aryan on Thursday. Back then, Baap-Leka found it very difficult to hide his feelings. Aryan Khan was arrested by the Bureau of Narcotics Control on October 2nd from a drug party on a cruise to Goa. Aryan is initially in the custody of the NCB and is now under judicial custody. Aryan, who leads a luxurious life in Mannat, found the cruise safari very expensive. It was therefore emphasized once again that all are equal before the law.

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Aryan is on remand at Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai. Corona was not allowed to visit the prison for so many days because of the interim order, but it is now allowed. So the actor Shah Rukh Khan met Aryan on Thursday. When Shah Rukh went to Arthur Road Prison to meet Aryan, he had to introduce himself by showing an Aadhar card at the entrance to the prison. Then he had to line up and take the token and when his number came he was left inside. After walking in, Aryan had 18 minutes to meet him, and tears were in their eyes when Aryan walked up front.

What happened in that 18 minute period?

  • Shah Rukh Khan arrived at Arthur Road Jail around 9:30 a.m. on Thursday. A lot of the media were there to hear that he was coming.
  • When media representatives tried to speak to Shah Rukh at the entrance to the prison, he just shook hands.
  • Before entering the prison, Shah Rukh had to reveal his identity. He also had to show his Aadhar card. The permission letter for the interview was then given to the prison authorities.
  • Shah Rukh had to stand in line for the documents to be checked. Then he was given a token and then sent to jail.
  • According to prison rules, Shah Rukh had 20 minutes to meet Aryan. But he got out of jail in the 18th minute.
  • Because of the Corona, visitors to the prison have to stand behind glass. An intercom system is installed on both sides of the glass through which the prisoner and his relatives communicate.
  • Shah Rukh and Aryan Khan interacted with each other in the same way. This time Shah Rukh was accompanied by four prison guards.
  • Sources said Aryan looked very disappointed when the security guard brought Aryan. When Aryan saw his father he became very emotional and tears came to his eyes. Shah Rukh Khan was also emotional. The two interacted over the intercom for 18 minutes.
  • According to sources, Aryan told Shah Rukh that he doesn’t like to eat in prison. Shah Rukh was asked if the prison authorities could offer him a home cooked meal. You learn that it was said at the time that it was not in accordance with the prison rules.
  • After speaking to Aryan, Shah Rukh had already left within the allotted time. According to the prison authorities, Shah Rukh, who was visiting Aryan, was treated like other inmates’ relatives. No special facilities were made available to him.
  • Before leaving, Shah Rukh visited the prison authorities and thanked them. Then he came out of prison. He dodged the media, went straight to his car and sat down.

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