What if Afghanistan loses to New Zealand? Jadeja gives a damning answer to the question !!


  • New Zealand will reach the semi-finals if they defeat Afghanistan
  • India’s last game is against Namibia on Monday
  • Pakistan was the first team to reach the Group 2 semi-finals

Dubai: Fans watch if India reaches the semi-finals of the Super 12 games of the T20 World Cup. With the Afghanistan-New Zealand game, India’s half-probability will be more or less clear. If New Zealand wins this match on Sunday, they can go straight to the final. Should India lose, the half-probability depends on the run rate of the Afghan teams.

The Indian weirdo Ravindra Jadeja gave a scathing answer to a journalist’s question when all Indian fans wanted Afghanistan to defeat New Zealand. Jadeja’s question and answer were given at a press conference after the Scotland game.

There is an active debate that our half-likelihood will be proven if New Zealand loses. But what if New Zealand doesn’t lose to Afghanistan? That was the journalist’s question. We have to get the bag ready. Jadeja’s answer was to go back home and do something else. Should New Zealand beat Afghanistan, India’s game against Namibia on Monday will lose importance.

Jadeja was man of the game because she won three wickets in the game against Scotland. Jadeja said India has played good cricket for the past two to three years. Don’t judge yourself in the name of a match or two. In T20 cricket, unexpected defeats can occur in some games. “If we look at the numbers for the past two years, we see our performance,” said Jadeja. The loss of the first two World Cup games prevented India from reaching the semifinals. Jadeja reacted to it.

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