What is the connection between biryani and bowling? Rashid Khan reveals bowling secrets


  • Rashid Khan says he doesn’t eat food like biryani.
  • Improved fitness after achieving the IPL in 2017.
  • Rashid Khan will play for Afghanistan at the T20 World Cup.

Dubai: Afghanistan’s Rashid Khan is one of the best bowlers in the world in limited overs cricket. The player, who is always amazed when he picks up the ball, has had many wins for Afghanistan at the top in recent years. Rashid Khan, who is also a bowling skill in the IPL, reveals his fitness and bowling secrets.

Rashid Khan says his performance was subpar in the early days of the IPL. Before 2017, he could not bowl consistently. The main problem was fitness. You get tired after playing a game or two. That also influenced the game. But after 2017, Rashid Khan said that he improved his fitness and thus achieved the level of performance.

It wasn’t his habit to go to the gym regularly. He comes from a country like Afghanistan, which has fewer requirements for this. Hence, fitness was not given great importance. He also didn’t have a real eating habit. I used to eat biryani and sweets. The Afghan weirdo revealed he was able to focus on the game after all of this was stopped.

Grilled foods and salads are the mainstay today. Things like biryani are eaten about once a month. Everyone who wants to be fit should pay attention to their diet. Now he goes to the gym regularly. Reduce food intake on days when you cannot go to the gym. Cricket is our job. You have to take responsibility for it. Rashid Khan said he could do better in this case.

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