What made you fall in love with a kid like me? After hearing his wife’s answer, Kapil stopped talking

Mumbai: The one who rules the minds of millions of viewers with his comedy is currently much discussed. Kapil Sharma’s comedy show on Netflix will air shortly. A video of the event went viral on social media. Kapil’s wife is also in the audience. The stand-up comedy show shows chemistry and bonding between Kapil Sharma and Ginny. Kapil revealed some interesting things in his life. There are things that make you smile. In the video, Kapil tells everyone that his father tells him everything from building a house to his sister’s wedding. In the video, Kapil says, “The story of the house building and sister’s wedding was told by Dad. But I knew who owned the house. She was my wife Ginny … ‘

Kapil’s question and Ginny’s quick answer

Among the audience in front of Kapil is his wife Ginny. He asks her, ‘What made you fall in love with a scooter driver like me?’ Ginny replies, “I thought everyone would fall in love with the rich. So I’m doing good to this poor man. ‘ Everyone laughs out loud there. On the other hand, Kapil’s face falls. Bharti Singh sits next to Ginny. The two are good friends. She also starts laughing out loud. This episode of the show will air on January 28th. Kapil Sharma and Ginny have been good friends since college. The couple married on December 12, 2018. After a year of marriage, they gave birth to a daughter, and they had a son in February 2021.

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