What Requirements Do I Need To Become a Programmer?

Being a programmer is one of the best ideas since there are not enough software engineers in the world to meet the demand that awaits us in the future and, by 2030, when there are more than a million empty computers, they will develop their own intelligence and rule the planet. Conquest, War, Famine and Death, The names of the horsemen of the Apocalypse will be changed to Django, Python, Angular and Node. With this information, if we want to ride on the back of the winning horse, we will have to learn programming, but can everyone be a programmer? What requirements do I need to be a programmer?

What are the requirements to become a programmer?

To work as a programmer you will find different requirements that will change depending on the position you apply for and the company that offers it. However, in KeepCoding we have found the most common requirements:

  • Have some kind of programming background: a master’s degree or a degree is not necessary, currently a Bootcamp is the best option.
  • Be passionate about technology: a programmer must live for technology, be always updated and in love with this sector.
  • Have knowledge of mathematics: it is not necessary to be a crack of numbers, but it is highly recommended to have the basics and more advanced knowledge of logic.
  • Know how to work with different operating systems: there is no single operating system and in programming, depending on what you are going to develop, you will have to handle Windows, Linux, Mac, among others.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills: the day-to-day work of a programmer includes dealing with code errors (bugs) and how to fix them, analytical and problem-solving skills are essential to achieve this.
  • Experience in programming languages: there are many programming languages and it is not necessary that you know all of them, but it is necessary that you have experience in those specific to the specialty you choose. For example, if you want to be a web developer, you should have experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, if you want to get into Big Data, you should know Python, R, Scala and SQL.
  • Aptitude to learn new technologies: Every day there is a new framework or language and it is essential that you are willing to train yourself to learn it.
  • Have good communication skills: to work as a programmer you must join teams and being able to communicate and express yourself correctly is essential.

But on what basis do recruiters decide whether someone is a programmer or not?

That’s where the analysis falls down. Once upon a time, only graduates in Computer Programming and different computer careers were the ones who got into developer positions, but nowadays, only 30% of the programmers who work as such are graduates in Computer Programming. Surprise. Microsoft’s analysis only looked at computer programming graduates as candidates for Silicon Valley office seats, but that’s no longer the case. But that’s no longer the case. Do you need a degree in literature to be a writer? It’s exactly the same with programming.

Being a programmer is creativity, it is writing in a beautiful language that escapes the vast majority of mortals. It is to merge with black and green, it is precision, it is creation, it is freedom, it is art. Programming, my friends, is the new reading and writing. But it seems that some still refuse to understand it. Mark wasn’t licensed when he created a thing called Facebook (The Facebook, to be exact). More and more, “degreeitis” is disappearing in favor of demonstrating and putting skills into practice, and recruiters know it.

Today, they value equally – or more – a programming Bootcamp where they leave prepared to face reality with the mastery of the skills they are looking for. Doing a Bootcamp increases the visits to your LinkedIn profile by 191%. And if you already work as a programmer, your salary can increase by 64%.

So, It’s time to roll up your sleeves, close doors and blinds and be alone with the screen. Stare at it and tell it. Tell her that you will be one of the ones to fill one of those sought-after positions. Tell her you’ll save the world, that you’ll tame Python, and Node, and Django and Angular and any new horseman that comes your way. Wish you a very good luck.