What should I keep in mind about sex on the first night?


  • Tell me, how should I treat my wife on the first night?
  • What precautions should be taken regarding sex?
  • One should not take intoxicants on the first night of marriage, doing so can make the partner unhappy.

Dr. Ashok Gupta
Sex Expert, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Question: I am 27 years old young. I am getting married in November. I have never had sex with a girl. So a little worried that how to start talking to my wife on the wedding day? Tell me, what is the story of their big puppy………

answer: Be sure to use a condom during sex. Because having sex safely is important. Using condoms can prevent unwanted pregnancies and any type of sexually transmitted infection. Do not indulge in drugs on the first night of marriage under pressure from friends, by doing so your partner may be unhappy.

Don’t be sad if you don’t get satisfaction from sex the first time. Sex is enjoyed only when both the partners are safe and comfortable with each other. Don’t be sad if you don’t succeed in sex the first time. this is just the begining. Honeymoon also requires patience. If the wife is not ready for sex, then do not force her to have a relationship, because under pressure, there is no happiness in the relationship. Sex will be good only when you love each other.

For the first time in a room with a honeymoon partner is a thrilling experience but it requires patience. The feeling that comes before an intimate relationship should be good and positive. The first feeling of love should be happy with a good mind. It is also important to be romantic as well. Sex is like sweet music being enjoyed slowly.

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