When Sindhutai Sapkal had a strong opinion on a subject like #METOO

Mumbai: A social worker who changed the lives of orphans and neglected children died of a heart attack today. Sindhutai Sapkaal taught the lesson on how to live with a stiff neck without fear of difficulty, in the face of today’s youth who are exhausted for so many reasons. He had from time to time expressed his views on all issues of society. Senior social activist Sindhutai Sapkal left Tikastra because of the “Me Too” campaign, which is causing a storm

in politics and Bollywood. Why the voice is not only raised after atrocities have taken place. It is wrong to bomb after ten or fifteen years. Therefore, even the innocent are overwhelmed, ”said Sindhutai. The “Me Too” campaign is very bad. That is why innocent people must also be punished. Why not speak only when atrocities have occurred? He had asked such a question too. Sindhutai had also said that when the key to grief comes, one cannot remain silent.

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