When they saw Salman’s behavior with Yulia, internet users were upset and said: he is a good man …


  • Colorful discussion among fans about Julia and Salman
  • Salman took Yulia to the Diwali ceremony
  • Fans angry about Salman’s behavior

Mumbai– Diwali said the lights went on. There is also a Bollywood actor who celebrates Diwali with gusto. Every year, many Bollywood actors hold Diwali celebrations in their homes. And other seasoned actors from Bollywood visit their homes. This year Ramesh Torani had organized a Diwali event in his home. Many veterans attended the ceremony. Popular Bollywood actor Salman Khan also attended the event along with Yulia Vantur. But when the netizens saw one thing he was doing, they trolled Salman.

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For the party, Salman wore a black shirt and pants, while Yulia wore a sari with polka dots. Salman had come to the ceremony with Yulia in the same car. However, fans didn’t like what Salman did after getting out of the car. Salman got out of the car earlier and drove off without waiting for Yulia. According to fans, if Salman had come to the party with Yulia, he should have waited for Yulia. The fans didn’t like Salman’s behavior at all. That’s why fans troll Salman.

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One user wrote: “Why does Salman always treat Yulia badly in front of everyone else? Love is based on the respect you show the other person. If he can’t respect you, it means he can’t love you. He never loved you. I’m sorry for Julia. Another user wrote, “Good people don’t do that. How could he leave her behind? ‘ Yulia and Salman’s name has been in the news for a while.

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