Which petrol and diesel is currently the costliest and cheapest in the country in a race to cut prices?


  • Petrol price reduced by Rs 12 in Ahmedabad after reduction in excise duty and VAT
  • Petrol is currently the most expensive in Gujarat’s neighboring state of Rajasthan, in Jaipur at over Rs 111.
  • The lowest price in Andaman, petrol is Rs 87 per liter and diesel is Rs 80 per litre.

On the eve of Diwali, the central government cut excise duty to reduce the prices of petrol and diesel. Soon after the cut, BJP-ruled states including Gujarat also reduced VAT on petrol by Rs 12 and on diesel by Rs 17. However, petrol prices are still above Rs 100 in some states. Some states have not yet reduced VAT.

Where is the cheapest petrol and diesel?

Currently, the cheapest petrol and diesel in the country is available in the Andaman Islands. Here the price of diesel is around Rs 80 while the price of petrol is around Rs 87. However, this price is after deduction of excise duty imposed by the central government. This means that if VAT is reduced by the local system, then petrol and diesel can still be cheaper here.

most expensive petrol and diesel in rajasthan

Petrol and diesel are still the most expensive in Gujarat’s neighboring country Rajasthan. The price of diesel in the capital Jaipur is Rs 95.71 per liter while the price of petrol is Rs 111.10 per litre. It is also unlikely to decline in the coming days. Earlier, CM Ashok Gehlot had said that if the central government reduces excise duty, then the price of petrol and diesel will come down and VAT on it will automatically be reduced.

The cheapest petrol in metro city is in Chennai while diesel is cheaper in Delhi

Talking about the metros of the country, at present the cheapest petrol is available in Chennai. Whereas diesel is the cheapest in the country’s capital Delhi. Petrol in Chennai costs Rs 101.40 per liter, while diesel costs Rs 91.43 here. The price of diesel in Delhi is Rs 86.67 per liter and that of petrol is Rs 103.97 per litre.

Mumbai has the highest price in Metro City

Even after the reduction in excise duty, the price of diesel in Mumbai is Rs 94.14 per liter while the price of petrol is Rs 109.98 per litre. The Maharashtra government has not yet announced any reduction in VAT and there is no chance of relief in the coming days. However, after the reduction of VAT in most of the states, the pressure on the Maharashtra government to do so may increase.

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