Who gave him this right? The audience is annoyed with Salman’s direction

MUMBAI: We expect the show host to follow what the show host tells attendees. But what if it doesn’t happen? What if the host of the show breaks the rules himself and acts like a candidate? But that’s exactly what happened on the small screen on the equally controversial show Bigg Boss. So far, Salman Khan has often attended the candidates’ school at Bigg Boss’s house. You will be seen distinguishing between right and wrong. Time has shown the way out to candidates like Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om. However, during season 15 of Bigg Boss, Salman’s mercury rose so much that audiences wondered if he was hosting the show. On the show, he sometimes insulted the candidates and sometimes talked about their profession.

Who gave Salman the right to question Omar Riaz’s profession?
The most talked about candidate in Bigg Boss 15’s house is Umar Riaz. Umar is always seen taking a stand on the show. He argued with other candidates, Umar Riaz is a doctor. In addition, Salman Umar also said that no one would come to him for treatment even if he was angry. While Salman is the host of this show, it is not appropriate to talk about the work of others.

Dissatisfied with Salman’s direction
Bigg Boss audiences are at home and abroad. Hosting season 15 of Bigg Boss. Of course, Salman Khan is all about Bigg Boss, but does that mean Salman is allowed to publicly insult and insult the candidates on television? Such a question is asked.

Experiment with profanity on the show
Even though Salman is very kind to the candidates, I’ll grab your hair and get you out of here. Once upon a time, Salman Khan crossed all the borders of an army. He was so angry that he berated Pratik Sejpal on national television. There was a beep when the episode aired. Similarly, Salman was furious with Abhijeet Bichukale last weekend. Salman had threatened to grab Abhijeet by the hair and remove him from the show. Is Salman’s behavior correct? Can a moderator say that? When Salman Khan himself says that ‘Bigg Boss’ is a family show. The show’s audience wonders what example Salman set on the show by openly abusing him. Salman’s fan base is huge. Lots of people watch this show just for Salman but it’s difficult to know how Salman is acting and he has been trolled on social media.

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