‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot shares pic of breast milk pump from set doing double duty

Los Angeles Hollywood’s famous actress Gal Gadot of ‘Wonder Woman’ fame has always won the hearts of people with her bold statements. But recently he has shared two of his pictures which are being liked by others including his fans. In the photo, the actress is seen pumping breast milk on the shooting set. Gul Gadot is sitting on a chair where her hair and makeup are being done.
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Sharing the photo, Gal Gadot wrote, ‘Just me, backstage, being in one. Gal Gadot is the mother of three children and she recently gave birth to her third child.

Giving a powerful message to today’s modern and working mothers, Gul Gadot pictures look very comfortable and cool. Gal Gadot looks happy in the photo. There is no doubt that it is not easy for any new mother, especially those who have just returned to work. However, the Hollywood actress is currently doing double duty. Apart from doing her own projects, she is also focusing on children.

With this post, Gul Gadot joins the list of celebrity moms who have recently normalized breast feeding and breast milk pump.

Gad Gadot’s third daughter was born in June of this year. They have two daughters, Alma Verso, 9, and Maya Verso, 4. Gal Gadot’s husband is a real estate developer.

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