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Wordpress.Com Vs – Which should I use? vs

If you’re a beginner to wordpress then you might be thinking about to know the difference between Wordpress.Com and before starting a blog.

Recently one of my friend was thinking about to start a food blog because he had a piece of good knowledge of food recipes.

At first, he was a little confused between Wordpress.Com Vs and he thinks and are the same platforms.

Many of my users didn’t know that Wordpress.Com and Wordpress.Org are literally two especially different platforms?

Therefore, Some of them are often asked me which is the better platform: Wordpress.Com Vs Wordpress.Org. To help out them I have created the most inclusive comparison of Free Wordpress.Com vs Wordpress.Org (Self Hosted Platform).

Our purpose is focusing on fundamental differences between vs so you can select the best WordPress platform for your needs.

At first tell you that, is a site where you can get Wordpress CMS (Content Management System) software which you can download and install on your hosting.

On the other hand, Wordpress.Com is a site that takes care of your hosting and also gives a free subdomain. You don’t need to download or install the software but their free plan is very limited.

Before starting a blog/Website it’s a very crucial step to choose the right platform for +your online success, We just created a full top to the bottom comparison between Wordpress.Com Vs Wordpress.Org.

If you just want to start a blog then you can move to another post that can be helpful for you,

So, now take a look at the differences between self-hosted Vs (Free)

1. The Key difference of Wordpress.Com Vs Wordpress.Org

The most important key difference between free Wordpress.Com and is who is really hosting your website.

Wordpress.Com comes with free hosting with a limited plan where handles everything for you and you only have to sign up on their website, you don’t need to download any software to install.

On the other hand, Wordpress.Org gives you free software to download their CMS (Content Management System) but you need a hosting site to host your self hosted Wordpress.Org.

2. The Costs of using Vs

We always love to compare on almost every product but when we think about the service costs to handle all the things there both Wordpress.Com and Wordpress.Org is basically free to use.

However, free comes with very limited features.

To get more features you have to upgrade your Plan of which we will discuss below. has no paid plan and you can download and install open-source blogging software at the zero costs. Only you need a Hosting service where you can host your blog/Website.

There Bluehost offers one-click Wordpress installation on your website which means you don’t need to download and install on your website, Hence Bluehost takes care of all the installation process for you and all it comes with reasonable costs. has a free plan and also paid plans. All the Plan details for using is below,

  • Free Plan: No costs for creating your blog. vs

Differences of Features :

1) Free hosting for a lifetime.

2) You will get a free subdomain ( To get a top-level domain like you have to upgrade to paid plans.

However, Bluehost gives a free top-level .com domain name with your Hosting and you can create your first Wordpress Blog/Website.

3) will display the advertisement (text and banners) on your free WordPress site (Which is really annoying for you and also for your visitors).

However, never display any advertisement on your Website.

4) For speeding up and protecting your blog they provide Jetpack which you can also activate on with one click.

5) There are a few free themes are available on free plan. Also, you can’t upload your own theme or premium theme in

On the other hand, In You can activate an estimated value of 20k-30k free WordPress themes and you can freely activate premium or your own custom theme.

6) You can Customize your theme template with the pre-set color scheme, background styles, and font style.

 But is Fully in your control. You can customize freely anything on your Website.

7) You can’t activate Plugins on your Wordpress.Com site.

On the other hand, at You have full control to activating/deactivating your free, paid or own custom plugin on your website.

8) gives 3 GB web storage to their free users to upload images & documents on your website.

But In if you choose unlimited storage hosting you can upload unlimited files & images on your Website. Bluehost makes it easy with its plus plan where you will get unmetered web space for your website which costs only $2.75 per month.

9) You can’t monetize your website with free Plans, you have to upgrade to paid plans to monetize your website.

However, you can monetize your website anytime on self-hosted Free software.

Conclusion: The free plan of is very limited and not suitable for Pro bloggers.

  • Personal Plan: $5 Per Month

Features: Basic Design Customization, Themes, Jetpack security features are which previously mentioned on Free Plan are also available and extra features are discussed below.

1) Free .Com domain for 1 Year.

3) Personal Plan gives 6 GB Web Storage.

3) You can remove Wordpress.Com Ads in Personal Plan.

4) Email and Live Chat Support are available.

Any Popular and Trusted Hostings like Bluehost gives also free Email, Call or live chat support in their hosting support.

Conclusion: You still can’t monetize or upload your own theme in Personal Plan. And Still not remove branding their on your website’s footer area which is really annoying to users.

Whereas if you host on Bluehost then you will get more features than a plan based in just $2.75 per month. Read Full Bluehost Review .

  • Premium Plan: $8 per month

Features: Free Domain for One Year, Jetpack Essential Features, Remove Ads which previously I mentioned on Personal Plan are also available in Premium Plan. Premium plans also give some extra features which are mentioned below.

1) Unlimited access to owns Premium Themes.

You still can’t upload your own custom theme.

2) Advanced customization to design your site.

3) Total of 13 GB web file storage.

Still not gives unlimited usage.

4) You can monetize your site.

5) You can sell anything with a simple PayPal button.

But there is no other payment gateway service are allowed. allows almost every payment gateway service with some simple installation of the Payment Gateway services plugins.

5) Videopress Support.

6) It doesn’t remove branding.

Conclusion: With the premium plan, you still can’t upload your own or third-party theme or plugin and still not gives you full customization and unlimited web storage for your Website. However, Only PayPal is included as Payment Gateway service (No other service like ccavenue, stripe, paytm are not allowed which makes a very limited).

But Still not remove branding their on your website’s footer area which is really annoying to users.

  • Business Plan: $25 per month

Features: All premium features are available and give some extra benefits.

1) In Business Plan You will get Unlimited Storage for your Website.

2) You can install your custom plugins.

3) You can upload your own custom themes.

4) Gives Google Analytics integration to track your site visitors.

5) Jetpack search, Attend Live Courses, SEO tools are available

6) Remove their Branding on your website’s footer area.

Conclusion: In Business plan, gives all the features which are included in free Wordpress.Org software and Business plan is all about $25 per month which is a very high amount of regard to software’s features.

But smart and intelligent people will purchase a medium-ranged Web Hosting from Bluehost or other popular hosting providers and it almost costs $ 2.75 per month with huge features.

There above you get the costs of using Wordpress.Com Vs is free but you need hosting to build your website.

On the other hand, has a free plan but they provide too limited features on their free plan.

If you want a great blog or website then I will recommend you buy a hosting like Bluehost which costs starting at $2.75 per month and install WordPress and start your journey in blogging.

3. Comparison Of Wordpress.Com Vs Wordpress.Org

To understand the difference between Wordpress.Com Vs Wordpress.Org we will take a look at the advantage and disadvantages of individual platforms.

Wordpress.Org vs is as known as the actual Wordpress, which is famous Open source blogging platform that you have heard past.

It’s an open-source blogging platform and free for all. Before starting a blog in first, you need to download and install WordPress, open-source blogging software in your hosting. All you need a domain and Web hosting service to install the software.

For that reason, it’s also known as Self Hosted Wordpress.

Below I am providing some Pros and cons of using Self Hosted Wordpress.Org to build your blog or website.

Benefits of open-source software gives you administrating and customizing full control of your website. You are fully free to do any of the customizations of your blog or website as much as it needs.

Here are some benefits of choosing Wordpress.Org to build your website are described below.

  • Wordpress.Org is fully free and very easy to use.
  • You have full control of your website data because You own it. Your site will never be disappeared or deleted overnight due to some decisions that it’s not authentic according to their terms of services (for whatever length of time you are not doing something illegal).
  • There is no rule applied to upload free, premium or custom WordPress themes. You can upload and activate free, premium or your own theme anytime on your website.
  • Also, there is no rule applicable for uploading Wordpress plugin on your website so you can upload and customize your website design with free, premium or your own made Wordpress plugin anytime on your website.
  • You can monetize and make money from your Wordpress site without sharing any percentage of your earning with others.
  • You can use great tools like google analytics for checking your website’s analytics and tracking your visitor’s stats.
  • With a self-hosted Wordpress site, you can build an online store in less than 15 minutes with Free Woo-commerce Wordpress Plugin. You can sell your own digital or physical products through your website and accept credit/debit card payments, Paypal or any other payment gateway services and deliver/ship your services through your website.
  • You can also create a membership site, where you can sell your members premium products or services like if you are a developer or writer you can create Theme, Plugin, Courses, eBooks, Videos, etc.
  • Moreover With not only you can create a blog there also you can create any type of Websites like Social Networking Site, Review site, Price Comparison Site, Video Hosting Site, Directory Sites or more.

Cons of

There are very few cons for using the self-hosted blogging software The cons of are below.

  • Like any other website, you need to purchase a domain address and Web hosting. After connecting your domain name server with hosting your website files and databases are stored on your Web Hosting.

Web hosting is starting as low as $2.75 per month and As your website grows and gets more traffic, you will need to upgrade your plan as expected, but then you would be making enough money to bear your hosting costs.

  • Backups are the most important thing when you have good data on your site because if you lost all data your backup will help you to appear your site again online. There you have to backup yourself or some free automated plugins you have to use in self-hosted blogging
  • We all love to up to date with our needy thing like that Wordpress software, themes and plugins also need to update when providers make updates on their features. You are responsible for updating your Wordpress software, theme or plugin. You can also use its automatic updating feature with a few clicks.

The actual costs are varies based on what site you are going to create (Common Blog, Portfolio Site, Membership site, E-commerce site etc).

On the lowest budget, you can build your blog or Website for as low as $45 per year. You can read our article on how much it costs to create a website full guide to clear about costing the Wordpress Hosting.

For 99% of our users for long term usage, our recommendation goes to always Read our article on How to start a Blog/Website.


Wordpress.Com is a blogging platform that is hosted by co-founder Matthew Charles “Matt” Mullenweg in August 2005. Because of the founder, people confuse between self-hosted blogging software, vs (blogging service).

Therefore has a free plan with very limited features. There are total 4 plans are available in,

  • Free: Very Limited Features
  • Personal: $48 Per Year
  • Premium: $96 Per Year
  • Business: $295 Per Year

Certainly, added eCommerce features that are starting almost $45 per month and more.

Now take a look at the pros and cons of Wordpress.Com.

Benefits of Wordpress.Com

Wordpress.Com is good for educational use or for hobby bloggers who used for personal use. All the benefits of are very limited with the free plan of, so let take a look at the benefits of

  • It’s free up to 3 GB of hosting space. After finishing its basic space you will have to switch paid plan for more space. [Personal Plan gives you 6 GB storage ($48 per Year), Premium Plan gives you 13 GB storage ($96 per Year) and Business Plan gives you unlimited storage ($295 per Year)]
  • There you don’t need to worry about updates and other backups of your files, takes care of that.

Cons of Wordpress.Com

Wordpress.Com is good for learning purposes but not as good if you are starting as a pro. Free has several limitations which differ it from

Here below we will discuss some of the disadvantages of using,

  • They place text and banner advertisements on every free site. So, your readers or users can see all ads on your website. If you want to stop showing their advertisement on your website, you have to move to paid plans which are too costly and less featured compared to vs
  • You can’t sell ads or can not monetize your website. For monetizing your website you have to move on their paid plans.
  • You can’t upload free, premium or custom themes unless you purchased a paid plan. They provided limited free themes to choose your site’s theme. There are also very limited to customize your website.

Custom CSS is for Premium and Business Plan users.

  • Also, you can not upload free, premium or custom own made plugin on your website unless you purchased a business plan (Costs almost $295 per year). Free plan users get Jetpack features pre-activated.
  • You are not allowed to their stats. You can not add or upload Google Analytics on your website.
  • Your website will display Powered by Wordpress and you can not remove these branding. It can be removed if you upgrade your plan to a Business Plan (which costs almost $295 per year).

However, can be modified for branding ads.

  • They can remove your site overnight if they think it is not following their Terms of Service.
  • No payment option available on You have to switch to Premium or Business Plan to activate the only Paypal.

But you can activate any Payments Gateway at

  • There you can not make a membership site with

Above all, you can see, hosting is with very limited features & you can not freely handle your site with limited features with free, personal & even on also premium plans too.

To unlock more advanced features on, you have to upgrade your plan to Business (Almost $295 per Year) or Vip Plan ($5000 per month).

On the other hand, If you start with you have to spend $2.75 per month for your hostings only & You have full rights to customize, upload your themes, plugins & more features which we discussed before.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (Wordpress.Com Vs

Wordpress is now one of the most popular platforms to start a blog and when you search about “how to host my site?” then google will give the result of any article which is suitable for readers. Thereafter there 99% of bloggers suggest choosing for beginners and professional bloggers.

However, Some people can’t spend money on hosting then I will suggest you free Wordpress.Com with limited features. But if you are starting long-time blogging then hosting is cheaper than’s Business plan.

Personally, suggests choosing Bluehost Hostings for their Affordable, Reliable and great service. You can read the full article about Why Bluehost is the Best Wordpress Hosting (Full Detailed Review)

Some of our Users and readers often asked some questions between Wordpress.Com vs which are discussed below.

5. Which is better ( Wordpress.Com Vs )

Finally, Now after the detailed Comparison between and Wordpress.Org you have a couple of questions like, which is the better hosting between vs, Which is cheaper and better hosting between vs & bla bla.

When it comes to choosing between and I should suggest personal hobby bloggers who do not care about to make money from their website then they should go with

But if you’re starting business or blogging to make money from your website then I will strictly recommend you for using a self-hosted blogging platform. It will help you to get the freedom and flexibility to scale your website that way which you want.

Whereas you can get the most advanced features on Business plan which costs approximately $295 per year for a single website. On the contrary, you can make that money go much in addition to self-hosted which costs almost $48 per year.

In our expert opinion, no doubt self-hosted is the better platform to start a blog/website. It’s not only our expert’s opinion there is every professional blogger, small business admins, and even many popular brands use self-hosted like Sony Music, Mtv News, BBC America and more. 

Also, you can read A list of Popular Brands who use self-hosted Wordpress.Org.

6. How to build a website from scratch With Wordpress.Org

The root is more important to build a home, like that domain name & good hosting is more important before you start your own Website from scratch. If I explain here how to build a website from scratch with this article will exceed its limit. So, I have created previously a guide about how to build a website from scratch which you can read.

Mainly if you decided where to host your website between vs then you can Move to another article about how to start a blog and earn money.

We always recommend using Bluehost (Wordpress recommend too) for starting your blogging journey because of its customer support, reliability, 99.9 % uptime, one-click WordPress installation & more. Moreover, For our YoursWriter users, Bluehost is giving one Free Domain (for the first year) + 60 % discount on Hosting.

However, If you need any kind of help Yourswriter will help you to build your free website/blog at zero costs. Comment down for any kind of help.

7. Can I move from to

Some of my users don’t know about the difference between & they sign up for free & when they understand the limitations of free Wordpress.Com they want to move their site to a self-hosted

In addition, Some of my users think free can not move on a self-hosted blogging platform, But they are absolutely wrong. You can move free to at no cost.

For instance, We have created a step by step guide on How to move your blog from to  & you can avail also YoursWriter Free Blog set up for you & we will transfer your blog at zero cost.

8. Vs Summary

The best way to describe the difference between & is equivalent to rent a room for your business & the other one is by buying your own office to start your business.

Free is similar to rent a room for your business. You have very limited ability & control over what you want to do.

However, self-hosted is like you are purchasing an own office room to start your business. There is more ability & full control over what you want to do & the best thing is none will kick out from your own house.

9. Final Conclusion

In conclusion, I hope you guess got your answer the difference between and, if you have any confusion between the using of vs you can comment below or contact me via e-mail.

If this article is helpful for you, you can share this article on social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc & if you are facing any type of problem-related to WordPress or blogging feel free to contact me.

Finally, I wish you all the best for your website & hope you will choose the better hosting platform,

If you choose self-hosted, you must follow our guide on How to learn Wordpress from scratch in a week.

Thank You 🙂

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